John Spignesi Band

Music For Your Soul.


So, WHo are they?

Since their formation in 2015, The John Spignesi Band has steadily toured to build their following and establish their sound in the local jam scene.

The John Spignesi Band features a line-up of experienced musicians, who know how to dazzle and entertain their audience, not only by way of their impressive technical skills, but also due to the engaging, fun and positive nature of their tone.

Blurring the lines of Soul, Rock and Funk, the group shines on stage, as well as in the studio, constantly working at their craft. JSB also has the habit of recording all of their live shows, and making them available for free via the Live Music Archive. Always keen on playing without a setlist and letting the moment dictate the mood, The John Spignesi Band guarantees to take the audience on a wild ride at every show.

john "Spigs" Spignesi - guitar/vocals


Drawing from influences such as Jerry Garcia, Duane Allman, & Scott Murawski, John "Spigs" Spignesi brings his own unique approach to the group.  Not bound to any one genre, his original songs have been known to touch a multitude of styles.  He can often be found deep in a jam, listening intently.

Joe Jeffery - Bass/vocals


Those shared, ecstatic improvisation experiences that happen with a great jam band - these are the musical moments that Joe loves, in the audience, or on the stage. Joe mixes his bass in as one element of the alchemy of groove.

Chris "Mitch" Mitchell - keys/vocals


A Grateful Dead touring Veteran, Chris Mitchell is a force to be reckoned with.  Citing Mark Mercier (Max Creek) as one of his biggest influences, Mitch has worked extremely hard to give JSB the sound it has today.  Mitch and Spigs have collaborated on numerous projects together, JSB being the priority.

MATT Alling - Drums/Vocals


Always pushing to the next level, Matt Alling is the true definition of a hard working musician.  His ability to groove and push when needed is something that takes JSB's jams to the next level.  The bottom line: anything goes when Matt is behind the kit.